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I Love My Norski MaMa!

Last Monday we were looking at the Calendar and saw that Mother's day is right around the corner. So we thought, maybe this year we could do something fun and special to celebrate! We reached out to our good friend Mike, owner of Around the Sound T-Shirts (

His shop is located in Edmonds, Washington. He's a great guy, you'll see him at a lot of PNW Scandinavian shows, his Straight Out of Norway, and May The Norsk Be With You shirts will have you smiling. He's got shirts for everyone, and he specializes in custom work.

We went over some ideas, and we came up with I Love My Norski MaMa! We hope this makes you smile. This year you can surprise your mama by wearing this shirt on Mother's Day, or by giving it to her. Either way we hope it puts a big smile on your face!


I took a phone order for a Norwegian Sweater today. While we were talking, this amazing customer told me how she sets aside money to pay for music lessons for kids in her area that can't afford lessons otherwise, and how she does whatever she can to help out kids in her community.

I'm really lucky to say that I get to meet and hear from some incredible people, the type of people that you can say made your day just a little bit better from hearing from them. Not only is she a great Mother, but she is doing whatever she can to be a positive force for others in her community.

To this special customer, we want to say thank you, for making our day just a little bit brighter. It warms our heart to hear from you. While packing this sweater today, we don't know what happened? This "I Love My Norski Mama" T-shirt just decided to jump in the box. Oops! We hope you enjoy it!

From all of us at Norskwear, we wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!

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