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We’re in business to keep you warm and have fun!

Who we are. 


We’re a family owned business based out of a suburb of  Seattle, WA. It all started in 1979 when my father opened the door for my mother at a party in Seattle. Not long after they started importing woolens from Scandinavia, and we started our tradition of keeping people warm all over this great country. 



It is our goal to create the best products possible. We favor natural materials like wool and cotton, as they have a low environmental impact, and they are also long lasting. We want our products to keep you warm, and we want our garments to bring you joy. It is very fulfilling to see someone trying on your garments, and seeing them light up with a smile when they’ve found that special piece that you can see is bringing them happiness. That is what I feel, when I put on my Norskwear sweater.  It gives me a warmth that I describe as feeling like a warm hug, it looks good, and it brings me happiness.  That is what I want you to experience when you wear our garments. 



A few years back we lost my father to cancer and I’ve recently become a survivor myself. Seeing how short life can be has given me a great sense of clarity, since the most important thing in life is to be happy. We are focusing on the happiness that our products bring you. We hope that you can share that with us, so that we can pass those experiences on to others.


We’re going to do our best to have as much fun with this process and at work as possible. I hope that every time you make a purchase from us, know that that is what you are supporting. 


From all of us at Norskwear, we sincerely thank you. 

Stay warm, and have fun out there. 

Caring For Your Woolens


Wool garments don't need to be washed as often as clothes made from other fibers. Wool doesn’t trap odors, so airing out or spot-cleaning the garment may be all you need for several wearings. 

When it's time to wash your item, it is recommended to handwash in cold water with mild soap, and laying it flat to dry. If your machine has a hand wash cycle, this works very well. Use mild soap, baby shampoo is recommended as it is the mildest, and lay flat to dry, if your dryer has a shelf you can place the garment on the shelf and use the cold air cycle. 


Please remember that heat will shrink wool. So never wash wool in hot water, or tumble dry. Once the wool has shrunk, there is no going back. Wool is very durable to with proper care and storage your garment will last a very long time. 


When it's time to pack away your winter garments for the summer. Please take care that your garment is clean. Moths are attracted to any body and food odor that might be left in the garment. Store in a plastic bag or box and include some cedar, as this will also help deter the moths.   

Have any questions or concerns?

We’re always ready to help! 

Email us at

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Return, Refund and Exchange Policy

Online purchases may be returned, exchanged or refunded within 30 days, as long as garment is unworn with all tags attached in new condition. Referenced invoice must be included with garment to process. Please send e-mail to for return shipping address.


Purchases made between November 1st and December 31st can be returned, refunded or exchanged until January 31st.


Do you provide International delivery?


At this time, we only ship within the United States. 

How do I return an item?


Please contact us at to return your unworn, new with tags merchandise that has been purchased within the last 30 days.


How do I track my order?


You will be e-mailed a tracking number as soon as your item has shipped. Orders can be tracked at


What are your delivery options?


We ship Priority with the United States Postal Service. So you should receive your order in 3 working days or less.

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